For the returning customers who placed orders before 2018, if you renew your account,

you'll be able to view and use information from your purchase history.

 Click the "Create or renew an account". Or click .

※ If your current page looks like this, please click the black button of New Customer at screen right or bottom (create / renew).

 Please enter Your Email Address and New Password

If you have this page, check in the box and click the SUBMIT.

Once you do till the steps, you'll receive an Email from Nijiya Market.

Please DO NOT enter anything at the following page. When you receive the Email, please close the page.


③ Please open your mailbox and find an email from Nijiya. 

When you open it, you'll see the blue button ”Activate or Reactivate your account”. Please click it.

④ The new window will appear.

Enter your password twice and click the Activate Account button.

If you have the "I'm not a robot." page again, please just follow the page.

After that, your screen shows about your account or checking out.

That means you are successfully login to your account.

Thank you.


アカウントの作成・更新をクリック  もしくはをクリック







③ 入力したメールアドレスの受信箱(迷惑メール)を確認してください。 

メールを開くと本文の最後に青いボタン”Activate or Reactivate your account”があります。クリックしてください。

④ 新しい画面が開きます


 またI'm not a robot. が出てきたら、指示に従ってください。




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